It’s really easy to criticize, condemn and complain… The real challenge is to come up with solutions to address these problems and to be able to implement them.

That is what this is all about. It is about getting the word out, getting support, and going to work to change what we can change and it starts in the workplace!

This is a “Call to Action” to the people of the world – 5.8 billion people – we are all in this together! We live in this world together and cumulatively, we have the ability, by the shear numbers, to make some dramatic changes that will have a positive impact for people world-wide and for our environment.

Worker CooperativesChange from the inside out. The most impactful kind of change, starting with the core, from the foundation up, designing things to work by looking at things from a different perspective with a more inclusive approach, an Integral Approach.

The key aspect of what we want to do starts in the foundation and structure of the way we are going to design and put them together. Businesses today small or large, are for the most part, are owned by investors. This can be small business owners, groups of owners in closely held businesses or stockholders in big businesses. Investors either run or appoint or elect the people to run these businesses.

What we are talking about is different. The primary difference is with ownership. Worker Cooperatives are owned by the Employees not Investors. So, as you can imagine, the priorities are different in both types of ownership. Both structures have to be profitable to survive. Investor owned businesses are interested primarily in return on investment, whereas with a Worker Cooperative structure they are the Investors and they view things from a different perspective.

We believe that by building a network of like-minded people that are connected in a network of businesses they own, that are created and designed to address their own working environment and at the same time give them a voice in how it is run, is a better business model than what’s being used around the world. We think the time is right and that this idea will resonate with a lot of people!