What we intend to create is a network of World-Class businesses, all using an integral form of the same DNA and Business Model as a foundation for each entity. Then we add to that the principle of using the “Best Business Practices” as a starting point for each entity and operating them with a “Great Team of People!”

  • It all starts with the people. As Jim Collins puts it in his book “Good to Great,” we want the “Right People” on the bus, the “Wrong People” off the bus and the “Right People in the Right Seats.” We are looking for people with a certain “Attitude!” We are asking three things from the people that join us. First, we want people that believe in what we are doing and how we are going to do it, our “Core Ideology.” Second, we are looking for people that treat all people with “Respect.” And third, people that are committed to bringing it “Positive!” That’s how you get in!
  • Happy People! We believe in what Shawn Achor wrote in his book “The Happiness Advantage,” “Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient and productive at work.”
  • We do things a certain way. We are constantly looking for “Blue Oceans,” places we can operate using Ideas, Creativity and Innovation, to separate us and develop new markets. We want to create, not compete! Open-Book Management is critical to our operations. We want the people that are working in our businesses to understand why we do things a certain way and the best way of show them is by giving members access to the books.
  • We set a high standard for ourselves . . . . “Best in the World” at wherever we are at in the marketplace. We expect to be “Leaders” in the marketplace and in life. We intend to be Leaders in “Setting the Bar!” We believe in “Conscious Capitalism” in which our main focus is not making money, but Over-Delivering Value to our customers. If we Great Team of People!”are great at that, the profit will take care of itself.
  • 100% diversity. The people of the world are totally diverse and that is who we are. North to south, east to west, each of us are different. This encompasses differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, philosophy, physical abilities, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behavior, attractiveness, cultural values, politics, education or economic status. It’s all of us, it’s who we are, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
  • Education, Training & Empowerment are vital to the success we anticipate. We want to create an atmosphere within our businesses that encourages both professional as well as personal growth and we have the unique ability to both train and educate on the job. Growth is a vital part of our Core Ideology and in order to continue to grow and to carry out our Mission, we need to be constantly developing People to Empower with the skills, education and training to help all of us.
  • Worker cooperatives are all about “Working Together – Teamwork – Unity!” We are interested in forming and sustaining “Great Teams” of people in every area we are working in, “Championship Teams” all the time! We are looking for people with “Passion” that want to bring and share their “Gifts” and want to be part of creating something “Very Special!”
  • Call it a “Positive Vibration,” call it a “Higher Vibration,” it’s the “Vibe.” You know it when you feel it, when you are exposed to it. It’s the energy that exudes from the people, the places the surroundings. It is part of the Culture, it is part of who we are and our prevailing Attitude, it’s a great place to be!