Our plan…is to get people together that believe in what we are doing and that want to be a part of it! We believe that once people hear about what we are doing and understand it, it will begin to resonate!

This is not the right deal for everybody and we understand that. But, it is the right deal for many people and we are looking for them. We are looking for people that “want to make a difference!” We only ask three things:

  1. You have to believe in what we are doing and how we are doing it – “Our Core Ideology.”
  2. Show Respect for all people you are involved with on the job and with your personal life.
  3. You have got to bring it “Positive!” That is one of the key elements that sets us apart is the “positive energy” that is part of our Culture.

Here are a few of the reasons Worker Cooperatives resonate with people:

  • People want to have something to show for their working efforts (ownership)
  • People with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • People want some say in how things are run
  • People that like teamwork and working on teams
  • People want independence – you can quit at any time
  • People that like a “Happy” work environment
  • People that like a “Fun” work environment
  • People that want to work at what they are best at
  • People that want to work at what they like doing most
  • People that want to be “The Best They Can Be”
  • People that want to work with a company that treats them with “Respect”
  • People that like to work with Ideas, Creativity and Innovation
  • People that want to work on their Professional as well as Personal Skills
  • People that are willing to work on personal issues if they are affecting their work or personal life
  • People that like “High Energy”
  • People that like to work on “Exciting” projects
  • People that like the idea of being part of “Changing the Consciousness of the People of the World” – By Demonstrating What is Possible!

This list can go on and on, the point is, this is about people and it is being designed for sustainability. This concept will continue to evolve and refine, but always stay true and in focus of our Core Ideology.

We intend to build the Network of People through on-line Memberships. The Network will accomplish a number of things for us. It will connect like-minded people together. It will be a source of people for our projects. It will be a source of capital for us as we start to build and expand on these projects.

People are the key to everything we are doing. Worker Cooperatives are put together for the benefit of the Member/Owners, they are run by the Member/Owners and each Member/Owner has a say how it is run and they will be designed to address some of the social issues that face the people on this planet.