There is a reason that things are not working very well right now ….. “The System!” It is world-wide and it affects all of us.

I believe in “Capitalism!” But, not the way it is being done right now. The “System” has created a situation that has been growing through the years and it is quickly coming to a head. Many of the decisions being made are prioritized with money being the number one consideration followed by people and the environment.

We hear voices coming from all directions telling us what is the right way and what is the right thing to do. Government tells us what is best for us depending on their political position, business tell us what is best depending on their financial situation, countries work with us depending on how much money we give them. The net effect is that not a whole lot really happens because we can’t agree on what to do or how and the problems continue and people continue to suffer because there is a real lack of world leadership.

When it is all said and done, it all comes down to money. In politics it is money, in business it is money, world-wide disputes, it comes down to who has the money and those that don’t. So, who gives the power – those that control the money. It has been said and is a fact, that 85% of the world wealth is controlled by 15% of the people. The point is, the people with the money are making decisions for 85% of us world-wide and we don’t necessarily get what is best for us ….. but always what is best for those with the money.