The real power of this idea is in the sustainability designed into each business. This serves as a foundation for growth capabilities of a network of interconnected businesses. This idea is being done by Mondragon, and we want to expand on it.

The initial design and the foundational components of each business structure are all built a similar way by starting with the Principles and Concepts of the CLP inc Business Platform to build a solid foundation to start with.

Some of the characteristics are:

  • Each Worker Cooperative Entity (designed around the needs of the Owner/Members)
  • Each business uses the Business Model Generation model for initial design
  • Best Business Practices are the starting place in creation and design for all businesses including but not limited to: legal, accounting, reporting, operations, sales, marketing, information technology and industry knowledge for each business
  • Getting the “Right People” on the team, the “Wrong People” off the team and getting the “Right People” in the “Right Positions” – People with passion and vision
  • Each designed specifically for the industry they are in using Teamwork, Ideas, Creativity, Innovation and Marketing Research along with the Gifts each member brings
  • Always looking for “Blue Oceans” to operate in and to create new markets

Businesses will be put together in the following sequence:

  • Each business must be profitable before we consider expansion
  • Finding the “Right People” is our Number 1 priority when putting business deals together and/or for expansion. That is why we place such importance on upward mobility within each business.
  • We will expand with people that have worked in our businesses, understand what we are doing, how we do what we do and why we do things a certain way. We are looking for people that want to take Leadership Positions in our expansion and want to help build this network.
  • Although we may have money for expansion, profitability of each business and having the right people to begin new businesses with are necessary for expansion.

Our business focus initially is in the Hospitality Industry (Restaurants, Bars & Casinos) and as we expand, we will add Motels & Hotels, Real Estate Sales & Development and On-line Marketing and Management.

The reason we picked the Hospitality Industry to start with is because it is a “Fun Industry” and it is a “High-Energy Industry” and they supply around 9% or approximately 14,279,000 people of the total labor force of 158,666,072 people in 2012. This is a challenging industry for both ownership and workers due to the historically low wages, lack of benefits, late hours, lack of upward mobility and difficulty in monitoring the flow of money and inventories. We think that we can make a big impact in this industry and for the people working in it.